Commencement Exercises

To be eligible to participate in commencement activities and ceremonies, a student shall meet all state and local graduation requirements, including all applicable state testing. [See EI, EIF]

The Superintendent shall ensure that each high school's commencement ceremony is a dignified tribute to individual and class accomplishments and a source of pride for students and their families. Commencement exercises shall be under the supervision and control of the school principal, who shall delegate specific duties to his or her staff as needed. Ceremonies shall be orderly, appropriately serious, and thoughtfully planned, rehearsed, and executed.

Ceremonies shall affirm the worth of every individual graduating senior and shall respect the diversity of the class. To demonstrate that all students are valued, no matter what their level of achievement:

All of a school's ceremonial robes and headgear shall be of the same color. Individual honors or recognitions shall be indicated by colored ropes, stoles, or other accessories.

During the presentation of diplomas, each student's name shall be pronounced correctly, the result of prior consultation with the student, and enunciated clearly with the same inflection given to each name being read. Each student's formal name shall be listed in the commencement program and shall also be read on stage. A suitable pause shall elapse between names being read to give each student appropriate recognition.

The school shall be responsible for the safety of all graduating seniors until the conclusion of the ceremony and their exit from the building. All students shall be supervised by school personnel at all times. If a student must be excluded at any time during the ceremony, he or she must remain within the building under the supervision of a staff member until the conclusion of the ceremony.

If discipline of a student is deemed necessary by the principal or designee, it shall be handled calmly according to a prearranged plan understood and followed by all school personnel and understood by the graduating class.

North East ISD


LDU 2011.03

DATE ISSUED: 10/25/2011