Performance Standards and Indicators

  1. Student performance in the school districts served;
  2. School district effectiveness and efficiency in districts served resulting from technical assistance and program support;
  3. Direct services provided or regionally shared services arranged by the ESC that produce more economical and efficient school operations;
  4. Direct services provided or regionally shared services arranged by the ESC that provide for assistance in core services; and
  5. Grants received for implementation of state initiatives and the results achieved by the ESC under the terms of the grant contract.

Education Code 8.101; 19 TAC 53.1021

Improvement Plan

  1. Campuses identified as academically unacceptable based on the indicators adopted under Education Code 39.051;
  2. The lowest performing campuses in the region; and
  3. Other campuses.

Education Code 8.051(b)

Reporting to Commissioner

Commissioner's Annual Evaluation

  1. An audit of the ESC's finances;
  2. A review of the ESC's performance on the indicators listed above;
  3. A review of client satisfaction with services provided; and
  4. A review of any other factor the Commissioner determines to be appropriate.

Education Code 8.103

Executive Director

Commissioner's Sanctions

  1. Conducting an on-site investigation of the ESC;
  2. Requiring the ESC to send notice of each deficiency to each school district and campus in the ESC's region or served by the ESC's the previous year;
  3. Requiring the ESC to prepare for the Commissioner's approval a plan to address each area of deficiency;
  4. Appointing a master to oversee the operations of the ESC;
  5. Replacing the Executive Director or Board of Directors; and
  6. In the case of deficient performance in two consecutive years, closing the ESC.

Education Code 8.104

Region 20 Education Service Center



DATE ISSUED: 7/7/2014