United States Constitution

Texas Constitution

Federal Laws

Section 504

Americans with Disabilities Act

Title IX

Education Code Chapter 26

"Parent" Defined

Complaint Procedures

Parental Rights

  1. Rights concerning academic programs. Education Code 26.003 [See EHA, EIF, FDB, and FMH]
  2. Access to student records. Education Code 26.004 [See FL]
  3. Access to state assessments. Education Code 26.005 [See EKB]
  4. Access to teaching materials and test results, and observation of virtual instruction. Education Code 26.006 [See EF and EKB]
  5. Access to board meetings, other than a closed meeting under the Open Meetings Act. Education Code 26.007 [See BE and BEC]
  6. Right to full information concerning a student. Education Code 26.008 [See DF, FFE, and FM]
  7. Right to information concerning special education and education of students with learning disabilities. Education Code 26.0081 [See FB]
  8. Requests for public information. Education Code 26.0085 [See GBA]
  9. Consent required for certain activities. Education Code 26.009 [See EHA, FFE, FL, FM, and FO]
  10. Refusal of psychiatric or psychological treatment of child as basis for report of neglect. Education Code 26.0091 [See FFG]
  11. Exemption from instruction. Education Code 26.010 [See EMB]

Right to Attend School Activities

Objection to School Assignment

Challenge to Education Records

Denial of Class Credit or Final Grade

Complaints Against Professional Employees

  1. A superintendent, principal, teacher, including a substitute teacher, supervisor, social worker, school counselor, nurse, and teacher's aide employed by a district;
  2. A teacher employed by a company that contracts with a district to provide the teacher's services to the district;
  3. A student in an education preparation program participating in a field experience or internship;
  4. A DPS-certified school bus driver;
  5. A member of the board; and
  6. Any other person whose employment by a district requires certification and the exercise of discretion.

Finality of Grades

Public Information Requests

Closed Meeting

Record of Proceedings

  1. A tape recording or a transcript of the hearing at the local level. If a tape recording is used:
    1. The tape recording must be complete, audible, and clear; and
    2. Each speaker must be clearly identified.
  2. All evidence admitted;
  3. All offers of proof;
  4. All written pleadings, motions, and intermediate rulings;
  5. A description of matters officially noticed;
  6. If applicable, the decision of the hearing examiner;
  7. A tape recording or transcript of the oral argument before the board; and
  8. The decision of the board.


Note: See EHBAB for provisions concerning students with disabilities; see the FO series for provisions concerning student discipline; see FL for provisions concerning student records.

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DATE ISSUED: 10/21/2021