Expense Reimbursement

Board members shall be reimbursed for reasonable expenses incurred in carrying out Board business at the Board's request and for reasonable expenses incurred while attending meetings and conventions as official representatives of the Board.

An amount for Board member travel expense reimbursement shall be approved in the budget each year.

Reimbursement shall be made by one of the following methods, as determined by the Board:

  1. Reimbursement for use of personal car at the mileage rate currently approved by the Board, or the actual cost of commercial transportation, plus parking and taxi fares and expenses for lodging, meals, and other incidental expenses. Board members shall file a statement, and to the extent feasible, attach receipts documenting actual expenses for which reimbursement is requested.
  2. A set amount approved in advance for reasonable expenditures to be incurred on a particular trip. This amount shall include travel, lodging, meals, and any other reasonably predictable expenditures. Board members shall file a statement, with receipts, accounting for amounts actually expended. Any excess shall be refunded to the College District.

Texarkana College



DATE ISSUED: 2/17/1992