Modes of Transportation

Modes of transportation used for student travel shall include, but are not be limited to, cars, vans, buses, and planes. Travel arrangements for student groups shall be made in accordance with administrative regulations.

Driver Requirements

A driver who is transporting students in College District-owned or -leased vehicles must:

Be an employee or other approved driver of the College District.

Hold a valid driver's license appropriate for the vehicle to be driven. A driver of a commercial motor vehicle must have a commercial driver's license.

Have an acceptable driving record.

Safety Standards

The driver shall ensure that the number of passengers does not exceed the designed capacity of the vehicle and that each passenger is secured by a safety belt, if provided.

Driver Fatigue

A driver shall not drive for more than two consecutive hours without taking a 15-minute break or relief from driving.

Texarkana College


LDU 2015.03

DATE ISSUED: 7/15/2015