General Regulations for Full-Time Employees

The quality of any educational institution's programs is always dependent on the skills, commitment, and enthusiasm of its employees. The Board seeks to employ only the most outstanding professional and classified personnel. In return, the Board expects all its employees to accept and support the institution's philosophy and purposes. Specifically, this means that all employees shall be expected to be aware of the policies, procedures, and programs of the College District; to devote their professional services and individual skills to the realization of the institution's objectives; and to discharge their duties in such a way as to reflect credit upon the College District.

Selecting New Full- and Part-Time Faculty

The following procedures have been established for the selection of new full- and part-time faculty:

In the case of full-time academic and workforce faculty, a job posting shall be placed on the College District's website and any other employment sites as deemed appropriate. After ten working days, the appropriate division dean, human resources director, and vice president of instruction shall interview applicants, and selection shall be made; this recommendation shall then be forwarded to the College President, who shall present it to the Board. On recommendation by the College President, faculty members shall be elected by the Board. In the case of part-time faculty members, the division deans shall work with the vice president of instruction for the selection of the faculty, and recommendations shall be forwarded to the College President. Part-time faculty shall not have to be presented to the Board for approval.

In the case of academic faculty, the minimum requirement for teaching at the College District shall be a master's degree and 18 graduate hours in the teaching field. Workforce faculty shall continue to have varying requirements, which shall include work experience, as well as certificates or degrees in the various programs offered at the College District. The College District follows the regulations in the Occupational Guide that are required by the Coordinating Board. These educational standards are required by both full-time and part-time faculty.

For faculty teaching in remedial programs, a minimum of a bachelor's degree in or related to the teaching field shall be required.

For selection of faculty with degrees from nonregionally accredited institutions or an institution outside the United States, the College District shall use a consulting firm to evaluate the transcript.

Written Terms of Employment

The institution shall provide each full-time faculty member, administrator, and supervisor with a statement in writing of the terms of his or her employment, including special conditions, responsibilities, and any special prerequisites. When applicable, the document shall cover such items as rank, salary, tenure status, and the inclusive dates of the terms of service.

Texarkana College


LDU 2015.01

DATE ISSUED: 2/2/2015