Calculation of Class Rank

The rank of students shall include work completed in grades 9–12 and shall include dual credit courses.

Excluded Courses

Grades in all courses except the following shall be used to compute class rank:

College courses other than approved dual credit courses

Credit recovery courses

Summer school courses

End-of-course (EOC) remediation courses

Correspondence courses

Homebound education

Student leadership

All physical education courses, including dual credit




Drill team/dance



High School 101

Band, including applied, stage, marching, and jazz

Choir, including girls' choir and vocal ensemble

College release, work release, or office/library aide courses shall receive no credit and therefore no grade point average (GPA) points.

Transfer Students

A transfer student's transcript shall be evaluated according to the "quality point system" used at the District high school. A transfer student transferring to the District high school from a school not granting honors credit may request that his or her transcript be evaluated for honors credit in grades 9–11 after earning two semester credits in honors courses with a grade of "A".

Class rank shall include the final semester of the senior year.

Quality Point System

The quality point system shall be as follows:

A student enrolled in honors, dual credit courses, Pre-Advanced Placement (AP), and AP courses shall receive honor quality points.

Honors Graduates

To be ranked as a cum laude graduate, a student must have a quality GPA of 10.3000 for the four years. To be ranked as a magna cum laude graduate, a student must have a quality GPA of 11.4000 for the four years. To be ranked as a summa cum laude graduate, a student must have a quality GPA of 12.5000 for the four years.

To be eligible to receive these honors, a student shall also have completed the foundation program with at least one endorsement or the foundation program with the distinguished level of achievement.

All students shall be included in the high school class rank, which shall begin with number one; however, for the purpose of honor graduate recognition, only those students who earn cum laude honors or higher shall be recognized.

Valedictorian / Salutatorian

A student earning the designation of valedictorian or salutatorian must be a full-time student during his or her senior year as defined by the Texas Education Agency (TEA).

The valedictorian shall be the student earning the final class rank of number one in the graduating class. The salutatorian shall be the student earning the final class rank of number two in the graduating class. These students shall be honored along with the remainder of the cum laude, magna cum laude, and summa cum laude students at commencement. Honor students shall be recognized at graduation.

In case of a tie, the valedictorian shall be chosen according to the following criteria:

The student with the most honors weighted courses shall be considered first.

However, if a tie still remains, the student with the highest numerical grade average of all honors weighted courses taken shall be the valedictorian.

Liberty-Eylau ISD


LDU 2017.03

DATE ISSUED: 8/21/2017