Reduction of Energy Consumption


Energy or Water Conservation Measures

  1. Insulation of a building structure and systems within the building.
  2. Storm windows or doors, caulking or weather stripping, multiglazed windows or doors, heat-absorbing or heat-reflective glazed and coated window or door systems, or other window or door system modifications that reduce energy consumption.
  3. Automatic energy control systems, including computer software and technical data licenses.
  4. Heating, ventilating, or air-conditioning system modifications or replacements that reduce energy or water consumption.
  5. Lighting fixtures that increase energy efficiency.
  6. Energy recovery systems.
  7. Electric systems improvements.
  8. Water-conserving fixtures, appliances, and equipment or the substitution of non-water-using fixtures, appliances, and equipment.
  9. Water-conserving landscape irrigation equipment.
  10. Landscaping measures that reduce watering demands and capture and hold applied water and rainfall, including:
    1. Landscape contouring, including the use of berms, swales, and terraces; and
    2. The use of soil amendments that increase the water-holding capacity of the soil, including compost.
  11. Rainwater harvesting equipment and equipment to make use of water collected as part of a storm-water system installed for water quality control.
  12. Equipment for recycling or reuse of water originating on the premises or from other sources, including treated municipal effluent.
  13. Equipment needed to capture water from nonconventional, alternate sources, including air-conditioning condensate or graywater, for nonpotable uses.
  14. Metering or related equipment or systems that improve the accuracy of billable-revenue-generation systems.
  15. Alternative fuel programs resulting in energy cost savings and reduced emissions for local government vehicles, including fleet vehicles.
  16. Programs resulting in utility cost savings.
  17. Other energy or water conservation-related improvements or equipment, including improvements or equipment related to renewable energy or nonconventional water sources or water reuse.

Performance Bond

Contract Term


  1. Under a lease/purchase contract that has a term not to exceed 20 years from the final date of installation and that meets federal tax requirements for tax-free municipal leasing or long-term financing;
  2. With the proceeds of bonds; or
  3. Under the contract with the provider of the energy or water conservation measures that has a term not to exceed the lesser of 20 years from the final date of installation or the average useful life of the energy or water conservation or usage measures.

Cost Savings

Contract Procurement


Energy Usage Report

Light Bulbs

An institution of higher education, including a college district, shall purchase for use in each type of light fixture in an educational or housing facility the commercially available model of light bulb that:

  1. Is compatible with the light fixture;
  2. Uses the fewest watts for the necessary luminous flux or light output; and
  3. Is the most cost-effective, considering the factors described above.

Recycling Program

  1. Establish a program for the separation and collection of all recyclable materials generated by the entity's operations;
  2. Provide procedures for collecting and storing recyclable materials, containers for recyclable materials, and procedures for making contractual or other arrangements with buyers of recyclable materials;
  3. Evaluate the amount of recyclable material recycled and modify the recycling program as necessary to ensure that all recyclable materials are effectively and practicably recycled; and
  4. Establish educational and incentive programs to encourage maximum employee participation.


Certificate of Mold Remediation




Human Trafficking Signs at Cosmetology Facilities

Display of National Motto

  1. Must contain a representation of the U.S. flag centered under the national motto and a representation of the state flag; and
  2. May not depict any words, images, or other information other than the representations listed in item 1.

Alvin Community College



DATE ISSUED: 11/22/2021