Posting Vacancies

The College President or designee shall establish guidelines for advertising employment opportunities and posting notices of vacancies. These guidelines shall advance the Board's commitment to equal opportunity employment and to recruiting well-qualified candidates. Current College District employees may apply for any vacancy for which they have appropriate qualifications.


All applicants shall complete the application form supplied by the College District. Information on applications shall be confirmed before a contract is offered for a contractual position and before hiring or as soon as possible thereafter for a noncontractual position.

Employment of Contractual Personnel

The College President has sole authority to make recommendations to the Board regarding the selection of contractual personnel.

The Board retains final authority for employment of contractual personnel. [See DCA]

Employment of Noncontractual Personnel

The Board delegates to the College President final authority to employ and dismiss noncontractual employees on an at-will basis. [See DCC]


An individual intending to volunteer for the College District shall be required to complete a volunteer application and submit to a criminal background check before being permitted to serve as a volunteer.

Alvin Community College


LDU 2016.01

DATE ISSUED: 7/19/2016