Trespass and Damages

Disruptive Activities

  1. Obstructing or restraining the passage of persons in an exit, entrance, or hallway of any building without the authorization of the administration of the school.
  2. Seizing control of a building or portion of a building to interfere with an administrative, educational, research, or other authorized activity.
  3. Preventing or attempting to prevent by force or violence or the threat of violence a lawful assembly authorized by the school administration so that a person attempting to participate in the assembly is unable to participate due to the use of force or violence or due to a reasonable fear that force or violence is likely to occur.
  4. Disrupting by force or violence or the threat of force or violence a lawful assembly in progress.
  5. Obstructing or restraining the passage of a person at an exit or entrance to the campus or property or preventing or attempting to prevent by force or violence or by threats of force or violence the ingress or egress of a person to or from the property or campus without the authorization of the administration of the school.

Periods of Disruption

Identification of Persons on Campus

Withdrawal of Consent to Remain on Campus

  1. The description of the person from whom consent was withdrawn, including, if available, the person's name, address, and phone number; and
  2. A statement of the facts giving rise to the withdrawal of consent.


  1. That consent to remain on the campus has been withdrawn and the number of days for which consent has been withdrawn, not to exceed 14;
  2. The name and job title of the person withdrawing consent, along with an address where the person withdrawing consent can be contacted during regular working hours;
  3. A brief statement of the activity or activities resulting in the withdrawal of consent; and
  4. Notification that the person from whom consent has been withdrawn is entitled to a hearing on the withdrawal not later than three days from the date of receipt by the chief administrative officer of a request for a hearing.

Request for a Hearing

Hearing Procedures

  1. To be represented by counsel;
  2. To the right to call and examine witnesses and to cross-examine adverse witnesses;
  3. To have all matters upon which the decision may be based introduced into evidence at the hearing in the person's presence;
  4. To have the decision based solely on the evidence presented at the hearing;
  5. To prohibit the introduction of statements made against the person unless the person has been advised of their content and the names of the persons who made them, and has been given the opportunity to rebut unfavorable inferences that might otherwise be drawn; and
  6. To have all findings made at the hearing be final, subject only to the person's right to appeal to the president and the governing board of the institution.

Reinstatement of Consent to Remain on Campus

Entering or Remaining on Campus After Withdrawal of Consent

Students and Employees Barred from Campus After Suspension or Dismissal

Refusing or Failing to Leave Building Closed to Public


Note: For information regarding the possession and display of firearms and other weapons, see CHF.

Tobacco and E-cigarettes

Possession and Use Prohibited

  1. Possesses, purchases, consumes, or accepts a cigarette, e-cigarette, or tobacco product; or
  2. Falsely represents himself or herself to be 21 years of age or older by displaying proof of age that is false, fraudulent, or not actually proof of the individual's own age in order to obtain possession of, purchase, or receive a cigarette, e-cigarette, or tobacco product.

Health and Safety Code 161.252

Sale Prohibited

Regulation Prohibited

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DATE ISSUED: 12/16/2019