Common Admission Application Forms

Apply Texas System

Right to an Academic Fresh Start

Education Code 51.931(b)–(c), (e)

Students with Nontraditional Secondary Education

  1. Obtain or submit evidence that the person has obtained a general education development certificate, certificate of high school equivalency, or other credentials equivalent to a public high school degree; or
  2. Take an examination or comply with any other application or admission requirement not generally applicable to other applicants for undergraduate admission to the institution.

Veterans, Spouses, and Dependents

Immunization Notice

  1. The consequences of not being current on immunization for certain diseases;
  2. The age groups most vulnerable to these vaccine-preventable diseases; and
  3. Local providers of immunization services.

Note: For information regarding immunization requirements that apply to applicants for admission, see FFAA.

Foreign Students

SEVIS System

8 U.S.C. 1372; 8 C.F.R. 214.3(a)(1), (g)–(h)

Readmission After Military Service

  1. Provide to the student any financial assistance previously provided by the institution to the student before the student's withdrawal if the student meets current eligibility requirements for the assistance, other than any requirement directly affected by the student's services, such as continuous enrollment or another similar timing requirement; and
  2. Allow the student the same academic status that the student had before the student's withdrawal, including any course credit awarded to the student by the institution.

Persons with Disabilities

Notice of Penalty for False Alarm or Report

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DATE ISSUED: 12/17/2019