Contracts Required by Law

After any applicable probationary contract period required by the District, term contracts governed by Chapter 21 of the Education Code (educator term contracts) shall be provided to:

Any employees in positions required by statute to receive such contracts, including SBEC-certified employees serving full-time as principals, assistant principals, teachers, school counselors, diagnosticians, librarians, and athletic directors;

Full-time professional employees in other positions for which the District requires current SBEC certification; and

Full-time nurses.

Dual Contracts

If an employee serves in more than one contract position, employment shall be conditioned upon satisfactory performance in each position, and unsatisfactory performance in either position shall constitute grounds for dismissal or nonrenewal of the contract. An employee may not resign one position without resigning both positions.

However, an employee first employed solely as a teacher and later hired also as a coach who desires to relinquish the coaching position shall be returned to a teaching position. If the coaching position is eliminated, the employee shall remain in a teaching position.

Angleton ISD



DATE ISSUED: 1/18/2019