The Board shall approve and annually review the District's vision, mission, and goals to ensure alignment with the District's long-range strategic plan and the District improvement plan for the purpose of improved student performance. The vision, mission, goals, and the approved District and campus objectives shall be mutually supportive and shall support the state goals and objectives under Education Code, Chapter 4. [See AE]

District Improvement Planning Process

The District's planning process to improve student performance includes the development of the District's educational goals, the legal requirements for the District and campus improvement plans, all pertinent federal planning requirements, and administrative procedures. The Board shall approve the process under which the educational goals are developed and shall ensure that input is gathered from the District-level committee. [See BQA]

The administration shall annually conduct a review of the long-range strategic plan. A meeting will be held annually for the purpose of evaluating progress toward the achievement of the strategic objectives and shall include input from stakeholders throughout the District. A Board representative may serve on the strategic planning committee, and an annual report shall be presented to the Board.

Parent and Family Engagement Plan

The Board shall ensure that the District and campus improvement plans, as applicable, address all elements required by federal law for receipt of Title I, Part A funds, including elements pertaining to parent and family engagement. The District-level and campus-level committees shall involve parents and family members of District students in the development of such plans and in the process for campus review and improvement of student academic achievement and campus performance. [See EHBD]

Administrative Procedures and Reports

The Board shall ensure that administrative procedures are developed in the areas of planning, budgeting, curriculum, staffing patterns, staff development, and school organization; adequately reflect the District's planning process; and include implementation guidelines, time frames, and necessary resources. The District-level and campus-level committees shall be involved in the development of these procedures. [See BQA and BQB]

The Superintendent shall report periodically to the Board on the status of the planning process, including a review of the related administrative procedures, any revisions to improve the process, and progress on implementation of identified strategies.


The Board shall ensure that data are gathered and criteria are developed to undertake the required biennial evaluation to ensure that policies, procedures, and staff development activities related to planning and decision-making are effectively structured to positively impact student performance.

Brazosport ISD



DATE ISSUED: 7/25/2016