Standardized tests shall be administered at intervals determined by the instructional staff to accomplish the following purposes:

Diagnose specific skill deficiencies for individual students.

Provide information that can be used to plan instructional activities that capitalize on individual student strengths.

Provide teachers with data to use in evaluating the effectiveness of their planning and teaching strategies.

Assess student achievement and provide objective data for evaluation and reporting student progress.

Assess aspects of the instructional program, providing information that can be used in planning program improvements.


All information derived from the testing program shall be used in a manner consistent with professional standards. Records of all testing shall be maintained as part of the students' permanent record(s). [See FL] The designated test coordinator shall periodically evaluate the testing program to ensure the adequacy and proper use of the program.


Achievement, aptitude, interest, ability, prognostic, and readiness tests shall be included in the testing program. Tests such as the PSAT/NMSQT, the SAT, the ACT, the Advanced Placement (AP) Test, and the Texas Success Initiative Assessment (TSIA) shall be administered to students who register for them and pay any applicable fees.


The Superintendent or designee shall report to the Board at least annually the results of student achievement on standardized tests compared with students in other districts and statewide and nationwide. The Superintendent or designee shall include in the report explanations for areas in which District students are deficient and shall submit recommendations for correcting those deficiencies.

Brazosport ISD


LDU 2014.04

DATE ISSUED: 8/27/2014