Agenda Development

The tentative agenda for regular Board meetings shall be created by the administration and presented to the executive committee the week prior to the Board meeting. The Board encourages the Superintendent to include at least one report on student achievement or an issue closely related to student achievement at regular Board meetings. Board members shall submit agenda items to the Board President at least eight days prior to the Board meeting. A draft agenda shall be sent to Board members electronically at least a day before the official agenda is posted 72 hours prior to the meeting. At least 72 hours in advance of each meeting, Board members shall receive information for all agenda items including title, purpose, background, relevant state statutes as needed, related District policy as appropriate, proposed costs (if any), funding sources, and other information as appropriate.

Time Line

The Board shall conduct its regular meetings on the third Tuesday of each month in the District Board room. Changes in the date or place to accommodate holidays and special events shall be approved by the Board in advance. Additional meetings shall be called as needed. Emergency meetings may be called in accordance with BE(LEGAL).


The routine Board meeting agenda format can be found in the District's Board Operating Procedures.


Four Board members shall constitute a forum. The Board shall observe the parliamentary procedures as found in Robert's Rules of Order, Newly Revised. All discussion shall be directed solely to the business currently under deliberation. The Board President shall keep the discussion to the motion at hand and shall halt discussion that does not apply to the business before the Board.


The Board President shall vote on all action items and can make or second motions. In case of a tie vote, final action on the agenda item shall be postponed. The Board President shall bring the item back to the Board on a subsequent agenda. When only four or five Board members attend a meeting, four Board members must be in agreement in order for a motion to pass. When canvassing election results, two Board members shall constitute a forum. [See BBB(LEGAL)]

The Board President has the right to recognize a Board member prior to him or her making any comment.

Executive (Closed) Session

Closed session agenda items can be declared in advance and listed on the agenda or during a meeting, a Board member can request that an agenda item be heard in closed session in accordance with Texas Government Code Section 551.071, 551.072, 551.073, and 551.074 and policy BEC(LEGAL). The Board shall only discuss those items listed on the closed session agenda and as limited by law. The Board shall vote in public session. All discussions held during closed session shall remain confidential.

College Station ISD


LDU 2010.04

DATE ISSUED: 11/3/2010