District Mission

Bryan ISD will provide positive educational experiences that ensure high school graduation and post-secondary success.

Theory of Action

The District's theory of action is defined as a philosophy of teaching and learning and includes a managed curriculum. A managed curriculum aligns what is written, taught, and tested in order to provide a nationally recognized education for students. A managed curriculum forms a cohesive alignment of human, material, and intellectual resources. This alignment shall be facilitated by designated educational leaders in the District.

The core components of a managed curriculum system are benchmark targets or content standards aligned to the state curriculum, a scope and sequence, and assessments aligned to the District's curriculum. Teachers shall have the necessary flexibility to provide instructional delivery that meets the needs of all students, including high achieving students.

A managed curriculum shall delineate what knowledge students must acquire from each unit of instruction, provide for the ability to ascertain student mastery of intended outcomes, and detail the organization's response to action when students do not learn needed content at the requisite level of mastery.

The District curriculum shall address core subjects for every grade. It shall include the content standards (what students should learn) and a scope and sequence by grading period (when the students should learn the content standards).

The curriculum shall be aligned; coherent; include sample lessons, teaching materials, and unit assessments; and shall be accessible to District teachers through a web-based system.

When District assessments are conducted, the results shall be disaggregated through the web-based, data-management system by subject, grade level, classroom, teacher, student group, and individual student. In addition, data shall be analyzed by each campus and the District. Timely and effective interventions shall ensure that each student has access to the curriculum and an equitable opportunity for mastery.

All instructional staff shall participate in a comprehensive professional development that is based on curriculum, instruction, assessment, and the use of data to equip teachers to meet the needs of each student.

A managed curriculum shall not necessarily mean managed pedagogy. The District shall recognize that each campus is unique; however, because of the importance of core subjects and high student mobility, each campus, including high-performing campuses, shall manage the curriculum within the District's parameters.

Managed Performance

A managed-performance culture requires standards and accountability and builds human capacity throughout the organization to continuously improve teaching and learning, unleash innovation, and facilitate empowerment and ownership.

With aspirations for the District to become a nationally recognized educational system, the Board shall set goals that measure student outcomes and meet the District's high standards.

District administrators shall hold employees accountable for results through systems that:

Provide professional educators with resources, including professional development, instructional support personnel, instructional materials, and the District's curriculum;

Identify key performance indicators;

Measure performance;

Report performance through District data systems;

Develop action plans that address identified performance gaps; and

Apply predetermined consequences such as rankings, rewards, recognitions, sanctions, or interventions.

Core Beliefs

The District shall adhere to the following belief statements:

Student Focused

We believe that each decision made by every employee must be student focused.

We are committed to educating the whole child by developing his or her talents, curiosity, and imagination. We are committed to hiring and retaining employees who put the needs of children first. We are committed to student performance, achievement, and instruction as our primary budgetary goal and shall encourage input from all stakeholders. We are committed to providing quality support services that focus on the needs of each student and result in success for that child. We are committed to the premise that every child deserves respect and a quality education. Therefore, no excuse is acceptable—the District must succeed. Children first—always!

Student Achievement

We believe all District students can achieve their full potential.

We are committed to eliminating achievement gaps in the District. We shall provide equal access to a quality education regardless of ethnicity, gender, native language, or family income. We shall allocate resources equitably in order to provide a quality education for all students. We value each student and shall provide appropriate assistance to ensure student success. In accordance with the idea that an educated person has unlimited potential for success, all District students must be prepared and ready for post-secondary education and/or the workforce.


We believe in the value of all stakeholders having ownership in student success.

We shall encourage a sense of ownership by all to accept the responsibility for and to relish in the benefits of positive education outcomes because participation and support by our students, parents, administration, staff, local businesses, and the community at large is key to sustaining the success of the District. We shall seek to engage ownership from District staff by developing the expectation that the children of District employees are best served by the District. We shall ensure that every District employee has the tools needed to succeed. We shall promote the belief that our community's quality of life is closely tied to a high level of achievement by the District. We shall actively invest resources to engage student participation through academics, athletics, fine arts, and other extracurricular activities. We shall recognize the success of our students and all other stakeholders committed to the ownership of the District.


We believe diversity is an asset to recognize, nurture, and celebrate.

We are committed to leading our community to embrace diversity and use it to enhance the District's educational environment. With public education as the foundation of our community, we are committed to build on existing tenets of professional development designed to meet the needs of a diverse student and community population.


We believe a safe and secure environment fosters increased student achievement.

We shall ensure that all facilities are orderly, clean, healthy, safe, and secure in order to provide a positive learning environment for our students, staff, and guests.

Bryan ISD


LDU 2015.11

DATE ISSUED: 10/30/2015