The purpose of this policy is to provide the Board with a standard for highly effective and efficient Board workshops and to provide oversight of the District's major business systems. The Board is a body corporate, not a collection of individuals. It acts as a body in accordance with state law to govern the District and to serve the interests of the people of Bryan.

Management Oversight

The Board shall receive and review key information and oversee management during workshops. Therefore, it shall be the intention of the Board that all workshops meet the highest standard of public service.

Management oversight is a vital Board responsibility and duty to assure the public that District resources are being used efficiently and effectively. The Board's role in management oversight is to ensure the integrity and performance of all major business systems, including but not limited to:

Instruction, including instructional administration and staff development;

Construction management, facilities operations, and maintenance;

Finance, including payroll, accounts payable, and purchasing/warehouse;

Human resources, including benefits and workers' compensation;

Transportation, food service, custodial, grounds, safety, and security;

Technology; and


This shall be accomplished through formal reports, audits, and any other reporting methods deemed appropriate by the Board through the Superintendent. Integrity shall be defined as overall effectiveness, including structure, process, metrics, internal controls, and the like.

The Board and the Superintendent understand management oversight is the responsibility of the Board as a whole, not of individual Board members. While holding the Superintendent accountable for performance of these systems, the Board shall not interfere with the Superintendent's management of the District.

Compliance with State Law

The Board, in carrying out its management oversight responsibilities, shall follow all state laws, including but not limited to, public notices, postings, open meetings requirements, minutes, and external audits. The Board shall also review the annual external financial audit findings ensuring that the Superintendent responds to the auditor's recommendations.

Board Workshops

Workshops are defined as meetings of the Board in a committee of the whole, posted for discussion but not action, for the purpose of receiving major presentations by the Superintendent or designee in order to educate the Board and the public. Workshops may cover more than one issue but should not be scheduled for more than three hours.

Workshops shall be conducted with the same attention to effectiveness, efficiency, and professionalism as regular business meetings. [See policies at BE and BED]

Management Oversight Workshops

The Board shall schedule management oversight workshops to review the overall integrity of each major business system at least every two years with some areas covered every year. During the scheduled management oversight workshops, the Board shall receive system performance reports and shall identify any other reports required.

The Board shall submit specific information requests or related questions to the Superintendent at least six weeks prior to the scheduled workshop. All reports shall include executive summaries, followed by a detailed report.

Other Board Workshops

The Board shall hold workshops quarterly or more frequently as necessary in order to review:

The system integrity and performance of major business systems, for the purpose of exercising effective management oversight;

The implementation or evaluation of major policies, for the purpose of exercising policy oversight;

Major reform options;

Major changes in District or school operations;

Major changes in state or federal policy; and

Any other major issue facing the District.


In July of each year, the Board shall schedule the workshops for the coming 12 months. Additional workshops may be added with Board approval or by the Superintendent's request. The Board shall make a good faith effort to provide the Superintendent with as much clarity as possible on its expectations for each workshop.

Superintendent's Presentation

The Superintendent's presentation shall normally be data-rich, with visual presentation of data. The Superintendent shall deliver any advanced reading materials preferably a week prior to the workshop so that Board members may thoroughly review the material.

Public Participation

The public and the media shall be encouraged to attend workshops, but the Board shall not hear public comment during workshops.

Records Retention

All workshop readings, materials, and minutes shall be preserved according to the standards of professional records management and state law.

Bryan ISD


LDU 2012.04

DATE ISSUED: 10/29/2012