Legal Representation

The Board shall retain an attorney or attorneys, as necessary, to serve as the District's legal counsel and representatives in matters requiring legal services. The Board has employed a general counsel to represent the Board and the District. The general counsel, in consultation with the Superintendent, also is authorized to retain outside counsel as necessary to ensure the District's interests are protected.

Requests for Legal Advice

Individual Board members shall channel legal inquiries through the Board President or the Superintendent to the general counsel, or outside counsel as appropriate, when legal advice or information is sought.

The District shall establish procedures for channeling staff requests for legal advice from the general counsel.

Report of Legal Advice

Upon request of the Board, or when deemed necessary by the Superintendent or general counsel, the Superintendent or general counsel and/or outside counsel, as appropriate, shall report legal advice or counseling.

Bryan ISD


LDU 2019.05

DATE ISSUED: 9/11/2019