Development and Maintenance of Web Pages

The following standards shall apply to all Web sites published in the District's name on the Internet or a District Intranet:

Any Web pages created and maintained in the name of the District or any part of the District must follow all policies and regulations of the Board and the District, even if the Web pages are maintained on a server not owned or operated by the District.

Campuses and teachers shall establish Web pages that present information about the school or class activities. The campus principal shall designate individuals responsible for managing and regularly updating the main campus Web site as well as for ensuring that teacher Web sites are posted and maintained.

The campus or department supervisor must authorize the creation of any Web site. The supervisor must approve the Web site and shall be responsible for ensuring that the Web site complies with all District policies and regulations and reflects positively on the District.

The campus or department supervisor shall be responsible for continuous review of campus and teacher Web sites to ensure that the sites continue to comply with District policies and regulations including those regarding the use of the District's technology resources [see CQ] and copyright laws [see CY].

Bryan ISD


LDU 2012.04

DATE ISSUED: 10/29/2012