1. Limiting the rate of speed;
  2. Assigning parking spaces and designating parking areas and their use and assessing a charge for parking;
  3. Prohibiting parking as it deems necessary;
  4. Removing vehicles parked in violation of institutional rules and regulations or law at the expense of the violator; and
  5. Instituting a system of registration for vehicle identification, including a reasonable charge.

Education Code 51.202(a)

Parking, Blocking, or Impeding Traffic

Vehicle Identification Insignia

Education Code 51.207(d)–(e)

Parking Privileges of Disabled Veterans

  1. Is being operated by or for the transportation of the person who registered the vehicle under Transportation Code 504.202(a) or a person described by Transportation Code 504.202(b) if the vehicle is registered under that subsection; and displays special license plates issued under Transportation Code 504.202; or
  2. Displays license plates issued by another state of the United States that indicate on the face of the license plates that the owner or operator of the vehicle is a disabled veteran of the U.S. armed forces.
  1. A controlled access parking facility if at least 50 percent of the number of parking spaces or areas designated specifically for persons with physical disabilities on the property of the institution of higher education are located outside a controlled access parking facility;
  2. An area temporarily designated for special event parking; or
  3. An area where parking is temporarily prohibited for health or safety concerns.

Transp. Code 681.008(a)–(a-2)

Parking and Traffic Tickets


  1. Operation of booting companies and operators that operate on a parking facility;
  2. Any permit and sign requirements in connection with the booting of a vehicle; and
  3. Fees that may be charged in connection with the booting of a vehicle.
  1. Incorporate the requirements of Occupations Code 2308.257 and 2308.258;
  2. Include procedures for vehicle owners and operators to file a complaint with the local authority regarding a booting company or operator; and
  3. Provide for the imposition of a penalty on a booting company or operator for a violation of Section 2308.258.


Speed Limits on Roads by a Campus

Transportation Network Companies


  1. Imposing a tax;
  2. Requiring an additional license or permit;
  3. Setting rates;
  4. Imposing operational or entry requirements; or
  5. Imposing other requirements.
  1. Take an action described by Transportation Code 542.202 or otherwise authorized by Transportation Code Title 7, Subtitle C that allows the local authority to adopt traffic rules in the jurisdiction of the authority if the rules are applied to transportation network company vehicles and drivers in the same manner as non-transportation network company vehicles and drivers; or
  2. Enforce a provision of Transportation Code Title 7, Subtitle C or any other state law relating to the operation of traffic on public roads.

Special Events

  1. May not exclude a transportation network company holding a permit under Government Code Chapter 2402 from providing services at the event; and
  2. Must have comparable terms for each company providing services at the event.

Automated Vehicles and Driving Systems

  1. All aspects of the entire dynamic driving task, as defined by Transportation Code 545.451(3) for the vehicle on a sustained basis; and
  2. Any fallback maneuvers necessary to respond to a failure of the system.

Personal Delivery and Mobile Carrying Devices


Photographic Traffic Signal Enforcement System


Texas Southmost College



DATE ISSUED: 12/13/2019