The grounds and facilities of the College District shall be made available to employees or employee organizations, when such use does not conflict with use by, or any of the policies and procedures of, the College District. The requesting employees or employee organization shall pay all expenses incurred by their use of the facilities in accordance with a fee schedule developed by the Board.

An "employee organization" is an organization composed only of College District faculty and staff or an employee professional organization.


To request permission to meet on College District premises, interested employees or employee organizations shall file a written request with the vice president of institutional advancement and community relations in accordance with administrative procedures.

The employees or the employee organization making the request shall indicate that they have read and understand the policies and rules governing use of College District facilities and that they will abide by those rules.


The vice president of institutional advancement and community relations shall approve or reject the request in accordance with provisions and deadlines set out in this policy and administrative procedures, without regard to the religious, political, philosophical, or other content of the speech likely to be associated with the employees' or employee organization's use of the facility.

Approval shall not be granted when the official has reasonable grounds to believe that:

  1. The College District facility requested is unavailable, inadequate, or inappropriate to accommodate the proposed use at the time requested;
  2. The applicant is under a disciplinary penalty or sanction prohibiting the use of the facility;
  3. The proposed use includes nonpermissible solicitation;
  4. The proposed use would constitute an immediate and actual danger to the peace or security of the College District that available law enforcement officials could not control with reasonable efforts;
  5. The applicant owes a monetary debt to the College District and the debt is considered delinquent;
  6. The proposed activity would disrupt or disturb the regular academic program;
  7. The proposed use would result in damage to or defacement of property or the applicant has previously damaged College District property; or
  8. The proposed activity would constitute an unauthorized joint sponsorship with an outside group.

The vice president of institutional advancement and community relations shall provide the applicant a written statement of the grounds for rejection if a request is denied.

Announcements and Publicity

In accordance with administrative procedures, all employees and employee organizations shall be given access on the same basis for making announcements and publicizing their meetings and activities.


Employees and employee organizations using College District facilities must provide identification when requested to do so by a College District representative.


Failure to comply with the policy and procedures regarding employee use of College District facilities shall result in appropriate administrative action, including but not limited to, suspension of an employee's or employee organization's use of College District facilities, and/or other disciplinary action in accordance with the College District's policies and procedures and the employee handbook.


Decisions made by the administration under this policy may be appealed in accordance with DGBA(LOCAL).

Texas Southmost College


LDU 2018.04

DATE ISSUED: 8/23/2018