Transfer of Employees

An employee may apply for a lateral transfer within the College District provided he or she meets the qualifications for the other position. An employee who wishes to transfer shall inform the office of human resources and his or her present supervisor.

The College District reserves the right to administratively transfer an employee to meet the needs of the College District.

Full-Time Faculty Responsibilities

Full-time faculty members shall allocate a minimum of 40 hours per week for teaching, preparation, office hours, consulting with students, professional development, committee work, and other service to the College District. Hours spent teaching overload classes shall not be included in the 40-hour minimum.

Full-Time Faculty Teaching Load

A full-time, nine-month faculty member's normal teaching load shall consist of 30 work units for the nine-month academic year. A full-time, 12-month faculty member's normal teaching load shall consist of 42 work units for the 12-month academic year. Teaching assignments shall be made based on each semester's schedule and may include courses offered during days, evenings, and/or weekends.

Work units shall be the basis for determining a teaching load in accordance with the following:

  1. One lecture hour (16 contact hours) shall equal 1 work unit.
  2. One lab or activity hour, including private instruction, shall equal two-thirds of a work unit.
  3. One clinical hour shall equal two-thirds of a work unit.
  4. One cooperative, practicum, or internship hour shall equal one-eighth of a work unit.

Exceptions to the work unit equivalency may be made at the discretion of the vice president of instruction with approval of the College President.

Teaching loads for faculty members who have administrative assignments shall be determined by the vice president of instruction. Regular full-time faculty members who have less than a full load may be assigned to teach in continuing education or perform additional duties without extra compensation.

Full-Time Faculty Office Hours

All full-time faculty members shall maintain regular office hours, as determined by the vice president of instruction, so as to be available to students for individual conferences. These office hours shall be posted for student access. At the discretion of the divisional dean, a portion of these office hours may be spent for student advising and mentoring. All office hours shall become a part of the faculty member's schedule and shall be approved by the divisional dean.

Full-Time Faculty Overloads

  1. An overload may be determined after the faculty member's regular schedule is set for the semester. An overload for a full-time faculty member shall be recommended by the divisional Dean/AVP to and approved by the Vice President of Instruction.
  2. Teaching an overload section shall not relieve faculty members of normal and regular duties in relation to other College District activities, and the faculty member shall be evaluated on teaching performance for the overload class the same as for any other class.

Overload stipends shall be paid for any amount of teaching a faculty member completes over the faculty member's normal teaching load. The basis of compensation for full-time faculty overloads shall be the hourly teaching rate of pay as specified in the College District's salary schedule. Any pay that is due as a result of an overload shall be paid in equal, semi-monthly installments throughout the term.

Payment for teaching non-degree seeking/continuing education overload classes shall be made semi-monthly or upon completion of the course/program.

Adjunct Faculty Responsibilities

All part-time instructors shall be considered as adjunct faculty members. The basis of compensation for adjunct faculty members, other than those employed full-time by partnering school districts and who are teaching dual credit classes, shall be the hourly teaching rate of pay as specified in the College District's salary schedule.

A part-time instructor's workload shall include preparing for and teaching assigned classes, providing consultation to students, conducting examinations, and submitting grades to the College District. Adjunct faculty may be required to attend professional development training, as prescribed by the vice president of instruction.

Adjunct faculty members shall be required to be available at least 30 minutes per week, per course section, to assist students who need extra help with the course. The adjunct faculty member's salary includes compensation for this time. The divisional dean shall provide prior approval for any exception to this provision.

Adjunct faculty members shall be required to use the College District's e-mail system for internal communication and digital learning management system for student grade reporting.

Adjunct Faculty Load

The teaching load of an adjunct faculty member shall be limited to 9 work units for either long semester (spring or fall) and 8 work units per five-week summer session.

Faculty Orientation

Orientation of new faculty shall begin with applicant interviews before employment; at this time a serious effort shall be made to acquaint the applicant with the philosophy, mission, and characteristics of the College District.

Before the beginning of each school year, new faculty members, including adjunct faculty, may be convened for presentations by the College President and the vice president of instruction.

Ultimately, deans shall be responsible for orienting new faculty.

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LDU 2018.02

DATE ISSUED: 2/9/2018