Educational Pamphlet

Health Centers

  1. The value of abstinence and long-term mutual monogamy.
  2. Information on the efficacy and use of condoms.
  3. Offering of or referring students, faculty, or staff to anonymous HIV counseling and testing services.
  4. State laws relating to the transmission of and to conduct that may result in transmission of HIV.

Education Code 51.919(d)

Bacterial Meningitis

  1. The symptoms of the disease, how it may be diagnosed, and its possible consequences if untreated;
  2. How the disease is transmitted, how it may be prevented, and the relative risk of contracting the disease for students of institutions of higher education;
  3. The availability and effectiveness of vaccination against and treatment for the disease, including how students of the institution may seek vaccination or treatment and whether a vaccination is available from the student health center, and a brief description of the risks and possible side effects of vaccination; and
  4. Sources of additional information regarding the disease and must include the telephone numbers of the student health center, if there is a student health center, and the appropriate office of the DSHS.

Education Code 51.9191(a)(2), (b), (d)–(e)


  1. A professional registered nurse;
  2. An administrator or director of a public or private temporary or permanent child-care facility;
  3. An administrator or health official of a public or private institution of higher education;
  4. A health professional; or
  5. A peace officer.

Health and Safety Code 81.041-.042; 25 TAC 97.2(d)

  1. A health professional, and any other person mandated to report under Health and Safety Code 81.042; and
  2. Any person in charge of a clinical laboratory, hospital laboratory, blood bank, mobile unit, or other facility (such as a contract research organization laboratory) in which a laboratory examination of a blood specimen, or any specimen derived from a human body, yields microscopic, cultural, serological, or any other evidence of a suspected STD.

25 TAC 97.132

Note: For a list of reportable diseases, visit DSHS Infectious Disease Control Unit Notifiable Conditions website.

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DATE ISSUED: 3/17/2016