Early Dismissal or Release in Custody of Adults

Early dismissal will be granted for the same reasons allowed for excused absences. Students are encouraged to schedule appointments with their doctors or dentists other than during school hours. However, when emergency demands, the appointment should be made as early or as late in the school day as possible. Students leaving the campus for any reason must check out through the health clinic (nurse's office) and the school's main office.

No student will be taken from a class to talk with any adult or be permitted to leave school with any adult unless the identity of the adult and his or her relation to the student is clearly established to the satisfaction of the principal or designee.

The administration will make every effort to notify the student's parents in every case.

Parents must notify the campus administration in writing of the adult members of the family who are authorized to pick up their children from campus. Each school will use the District form for this purpose.

Brownsville ISD



DATE ISSUED: 1/30/2006