Administering Medication

In administering medication to students, the following procedures will apply:

The school principal will appoint one responsible person, e.g., the school nurse, or other, to supervise the storing and dispensing of medication.

Medication will be kept in a secure place in the school nurse's office during school hours. No medication will be kept in the classroom at any time unless ordered by the physician, e.g., asthma treatment.

For legal purposes, written permission will be obtained from the parent and the attending physician before dispensing prescription medication to the student. Nonprescription medication may be dispensed to the student with written permission from the parent. Only a United States physician's medical diagnosis and treatment plan will be honored. Only medications from the United States will be administered at school.

Medication must be in a properly labeled original container. Each student's medication shall have an affixed label including his or her name, the name of the medication, and the directions concerning dosage. Instructions about the duration of the medication shall be included.

A physician's signature will be required for any prescribed medication and for any over-the-counter medication, which will be kept in the nurse's office for longer than 15 days. When the duration of medication is completed, unused portions of the medication will be returned to the parent. It is the parent's responsibility to have the student's medication picked up and taken home after school hours. Medication will not be delivered to the home address by the school nurse. At the end of the school year, parents will be notified that all medication must be picked up. Medication not picked up will be discarded by the school nurse.

All medication dispensing will be reviewed at the beginning of each school year with renewed written permission obtained from the physician and/or the parents, as appropriate.

Brownsville ISD



DATE ISSUED: 1/30/2006