Student Assistance Program

The District shall provide a structured program of assistance to students experiencing physical-, social-, medical-, familial-, discipline-, chemical-, or disability-related problems to the extent that their academic or extracurricular performance is being adversely affected. To meet these students' needs, the District shall establish a student assistance program to systematically and professionally respond to their problems as they are manifested in school.

The student assistance program shall be implemented based on the following principles and in accordance with FFE(LEGAL):

The operation of the student assistance program shall not alter or replace state law, existing policies, or administrative procedures, including the District Student Code of Conduct and/or the school's "zero tolerance" for crimes involving alcohol, tobacco or other drugs, weapons, or violence.

The student assistance program shall be provided for the benefit of all students and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, sex, or disability in providing educational services. [See FB]

The student assistance program shall accept referrals from:

School staff, both professional and support,

Other students,

Student self-referrals, and/or

Parents or legal guardians.

Students shall be encouraged to seek assistance whenever personal problems interfere with school performance.

The student assistance program shall provide a structured liaison between existing school services and outside agencies, including assisting the adjustment of students returning from disciplinary alternative education programs, outside placements, and the like.

The student assistance program shall work cooperatively with parents or other persons having lawful control of the student to assist in the resolution of student problems. The counselor, social worker, or other trained person working with the student shall exercise professional judgment in determining when solicitation of parental involvement would be beneficial to the resolution of the problem.

The counselor's, social worker's, or other trained person's records pertaining to students' "personal problems" shall be maintained as confidential. All records shall be kept in the sole possession of the maker and shall not be made accessible or revealed to anyone other than a temporary substitute for the person making the record. If these records are knowingly made accessible or revealed to any person other than a substitute, they shall be considered, from that time on, as education records and shall be accessible to the student and/or the student's parent, in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). [See FL]

The student assistance program shall provide a preliminary screening of student problems and shall refer students to other agencies or sources of assistance if appropriate. If a child is referred to outside agencies or sources of assistance, other than for suspected child abuse cases, such referral shall be made only with the consent of the child's parent(s) and/or legal guardian(s). Parents shall assume the cost of any diagnostic and treatment services outside the school, and any school personnel making referrals shall make this clear to the outside agency or source of assistance at the time of referral. In no event shall the District agree to bear the cost of such services.

The student assistance program shall respond to specific student concerns addressing academic, behavioral, and/or disability issues following procedures that include as part of the District's general education, a process referred to as response to intervention (RTI). [See EIE]

Brownsville ISD


LDU 2012.04

DATE ISSUED: 6/15/2012