District Performance Report — TAPR

  1. Student information, including total enrollment, enrollment by ethnicity, socioeconomic status, and grade groupings and retention rates;
  2. Financial information, including revenues and expenditures;
  3. Staff information, including number and type of staff by sex, ethnicity, years of experience, and highest degree held, teacher and administrator salaries, and teacher turnover;
  4. Program information, including student enrollment by program, teachers by program, and instructional operating expenditures by program; and
  5. The number of students placed in a disciplinary alternative education program (DAEP) under Education Code Chapter 37.

Public Hearing


Report Uses

Campus Performance Report — SRC


Website Notices

  1. The information in the most recent campus report card for each campus in the district;
  2. The information contained in the most recent performance report for the district;
  3. The most recent accreditation status and performance rating of the district; and
  4. A definition and explanation of each accreditation status, based on commissioner rule.

Student Performance Report

Notice to Parents

Notice to Teachers and Students

  1. Each teacher for all students, including incoming students, who took a state assessment; and
  2. All students who were provided instruction by that teacher in the subject for which the assessment instrument was administered.

High School Allotment Annual Performance Review

  1. Percentage of students graduating from high school;
  2. Enrollment in advanced courses, including College Board advanced placement courses, International Baccalaureate courses, and dual or college credit courses; and
  3. Percentage of "College-Ready Graduates," as defined by 19 Administrative Code 61.1094(2).
  1. State assessment results and other student performance data;
  2. Standards for success and cost-effectiveness as established by the commissioner of education under Education Code 39.233(a)(1); and
  3. Guidance for improving high school completion and success and college readiness programs as established by the commissioner under Education Code 39.233(a)(2).

Federal Report Card


Minimum Requirements

  1. In the case of the district, information that shows how students served by the district achieved on state academic assessments compared to students in the state as a whole;
  2. In the case of a school, information that shows how the school's students' achievement on state academic assessments compared to students served by the district and the state as a whole; and
  3. Any other information that the district determines is appropriate and will best provide parents, students, and other members of the public with information regarding the progress of each public school served by the district, whether or not such information is included in the annual state report card.

District Data on Academic Achievement

  1. Include district information, disaggregated by campus, grade, sex, race, academic quarter or semester, as applicable, and school year, regarding the following:
    1. Student academic achievement and growth;
    2. Teacher and student attendance; and
    3. Student discipline records; and
  2. Be updated at least once each quarter of the school year.

Bloomburg ISD



DATE ISSUED: 11/7/2017