Security Personnel

Campus security personnel authorized by the Board to carry arms must first be commissioned as peace officers, which requires the posting of a $1,000 bond, payable to the Board, with two or more sufficient sureties, and conditioned by the faithful and impartial discharge of all legal duties. Education Code 37.081(h)

Tax Collector

The tax collector for the District shall be bonded in accordance with law. Tax Code 6.29

Military Instruction

The District shall, when necessary, make contracts with the proper governmental agency to teach courses in military training, execute a bond to secure contracts with governmental agencies to procure arms, supplies, or other needed property when military instruction is offered in the District pursuant to a state or federal law requiring the Board to give bond or otherwise indemnify the state, the United States, or any other governmental agency for the care and return of property furnished. Available school funds shall be used to procure such bonds in the amount and under conditions required by the governmental agency. Education Code 29.901

Bloomburg ISD



DATE ISSUED: 3/14/2014