Class Rank

Graduating seniors shall be ranked within the graduating class upon the basis of weighted grade averages for the four-year program, excluding the last six weeks of the senior year.

All grades on a student's transcript, including failing grades, repeated courses, and summer school, shall be included in determining a student's grade point average and rank in class except for grades earned in a student aide elective.


Grade weights shall be assigned to grades earned by high school students for purposes of class ranking, in accordance with the following scale:

Transfer Credit

Students transferring into the District shall receive the numerical grade that was earned in courses at another school. Letter grades shall be recorded as follows:

Honor Graduates

To be recognized for scholastic honors, students shall be required to maintain a numerical average of 90 or more during the four-year high school program, excluding the last six weeks of the senior year, and be on the Recommended or Advanced/Distinguished Achievement Program.

Students shall complete at least a total of two Advanced Placement courses or honors courses during their last two years. Students shall not have engaged in any serious misconduct violation of the Student Code of Conduct. Class ranking shall be by graduation program and then numerical grades.

The honor of valedictorian shall be given to the senior student achieving the highest numerical average. The honor of salutatorian shall be given to the senior student achieving the next highest numerical average. In case of a tie in weighted grade averages in the determination of valedictorian or salutatorian, the following method shall be used to determine, or to identify, who will be selected salutatorian or valedictorian:

The weighted grade average of the first six weeks of the fall semester of the senior year shall be computed to a sufficient number of decimal places until the tie is broken.

Any student designated as valedictorian or salutatorian shall have completed the last four full semesters of academic work at the District campus certifying graduation.

Junior High Graduation Requirements

The semester averages of the last two years of junior high school, excluding the last six weeks, shall be used to determine the honor graduates of valedictorian and salutatorian. Students selected as valedictorian and salutatorian shall be in attendance at the District's junior high school during the last three semesters of school before graduation.

Academic honor graduates shall have an overall average of 90.

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LDU 2007.01

DATE ISSUED: 6/27/2007