Valedictorian and Salutatorian

Only those students who have been full-time students in Robert Lee High School during their junior and senior years and who complete the requirements for the Recommended High School Program or the Advanced/Distinguished Achievement Program will be eligible for valedictorian and salutatorian honors. [See EIF]

The eligible student with the highest overall academic average at the end of the fifth six weeks of the senior year will be named valedictorian. The next highest ranking eligible student will be named salutatorian.

Early Graduates

Students who complete all requirements for graduation in less than four years are eligible to participate in graduation exercises with the class graduating in the school year in which they fulfill graduation requirements and will be ranked according to their overall academic average with other students graduating that year, but they will not be eligible for valedictorian or salutatorian honors.

Overall Academic Average

Each year the overall academic average will be calculated for each student, and class ranking shall be determined based on that average. The overall academic average is included on the student's transcript. All colleges require this information on the application for admission. A student's report card and official transcript (academic achievement record) will show the actual numeric grade the student earned in each class.

Excluded Courses

All semester grades in each academic subject taken beginning in the ninth grade, including any high school courses taken in the eighth grade for graduation credit, shall be included in the calculation of the overall academic average. "Academic subjects" are all courses other than:

  1. Athletics and Physical Education
  2. Yearbook Staff
  3. Band and Art
  4. Office Aide and Teacher's Aide
  5. PALS
  6. Academic Support and Recovery
  7. Academic Acceleration and Remediation
  8. Library Science

Weighted Grades

For honor roll and overall academic average purposes only, points shall be added to passing grades earned in certain courses, as follows:



  1. Pre-AP English I


  1. Pre-AP English II


  1. Humanities


  1. JH GT


  1. AP English III


  1. AP English IV


  1. AP Biology


  1. Precalculus


  1. Anatomy and Physiology


  1. AP U.S. History


  1. Spanish III


  1. Physics


  1. Independent Study in Computer Technology


  1. AP Statistics


  1. BCIS II


  1. Calculus


The weighted numerical grade (actual grade earned plus points as shown above) in these courses will be used to calculate the overall academic average and eligibility for the honor roll.

Transfer Students

Grades earned at another accredited public school, or at a private school accredited by an organization recognized by the Commissioner of Education, shall be included in the calculation of the overall academic average at the same weighted value as the same courses or comparable course at Robert Lee High School.

College-Level Courses Completed during High School

Grades in college-level courses for which students receive both college and high school credit, whether taken by correspondence course or by concurrent enrollment, shall be increased by the same additional points as College Board Advanced Placement (AP) courses. If the college or university awards credit for a concurrent course, the District shall award high school credit regardless of the grade earned and shall weight the grade accordingly.

Correspondence and Summer School Courses

The actual numeric grade earned in any high school level courses completed through an approved correspondence program or in a summer school program shall be included in calculating the overall academic average.

Fairview Campus Programs

Grade averages for students who are assigned to DAEP at Fairview and for students who choose to attend the accelerated program at the Fairview campus shall not be calculated or included in class ranking for Robert Lee High School. These students shall graduate from the Fairview campus.

Grade averages for students assigned to attend the Fairview campus or a vocational setting through the Small School Co-op (ARD) shall be calculated and included in class ranking for Robert Lee High School. These students shall graduate from Robert Lee High School.

Robert Lee ISD


LDU 2018.02

DATE ISSUED: 11/5/2018