Salary Deductions

The College District will make deductions from an employee's salary or wages or will reduce an employee's wages in accordance with law or salary reduction agreements executed between the College District and its employees.

State Employee Charitable Contribution Program

By April 1 of each year, the Board will decide whether to participate in the State Employee Charitable Contribution (SECC) program for the following fiscal year.

Additional Amounts

In addition to legally required deductions, the Board has determined it will serve a public purpose and benefit employees to permit voluntary deductions for:

  1. Approved insurance programs;
  2. Annuities/deferred compensation programs;
  3. College District cafeteria benefit plan options authorized by the Internal Revenue Service;
  4. Area credit unions as specified in administrative procedures; and
  5. Charitable organizations as approved by the Board. If the Board participates in the SECC program, an employee may choose not to participate in the program and may authorize a deduction(s) for charitable organizations approved by the Board.

To qualify for a deduction listed above, in accordance with administrative procedures, the employee must submit a request in writing, specifying the category of the deduction, the amount to be deducted, and the entity to which the deducted amount is to be transferred. The procedures must address:

  1. Enrollment periods, if any; and
  2. Any administrative fee to cover the cost of making a deduction.

Excess Leave

Deductions will be made for unauthorized leave or leave taken in excess of earned leave. [See DEC]

Collin College


LDU 2018.07

DATE ISSUED: 11/14/2018