Appraisal System

The District shall appraise teachers annually using the Texas Teacher Evaluation and Support System (T-TESS) in accordance with law, the District's innovation plan, and administrative regulations.

Annual Appraisal

District teachers shall be appraised annually.


Teachers who are eligible for less frequent evaluations in accordance with the local criteria established in this policy shall be appraised in accordance with the provisions below.



In addition to meeting the eligibility requirements in state rules, to be eligible for less-than-annual evaluations under the T-TESS, a teacher shall agree in writing and shall:

  1. Be employed on an educator term contract;
  2. Be assigned in his or her state or local certification area;
  3. Have been employed by the District for at least three consecutive years;
  4. Have served in the current teaching field for at least three years;
  5. Have been evaluated using T-TESS.


Eligible teachers shall be appraised every three years.

During any school year when a complete appraisal is not scheduled for an eligible teacher, either the teacher or the principal may require that an appraisal be conducted by providing written notice to the other party.

A teacher's supervisor shall have the authority to return a teacher to the traditional appraisal cycle as a result of performance deficiencies documented in accordance with state rule.

Annual Review Process

In the years in which a T-TESS appraisal is not scheduled for an eligible teacher, the teacher shall participate in an annual review process that includes the elements listed in state rule.

The annual review process shall produce a written document to be presented to the teacher, signed by the teacher and supervisor, and maintained in the personnel file.

Anna ISD


LDU 2017.04

DATE ISSUED: 11/9/2017