Attendance Zones

A student shall be assigned to a school in the attendance zone in which he or she resides. Except as required by law or as permitted in this policy, intradistrict transfers shall not be approved.

A student who wishes to attend a school other than as assigned shall submit a request in writing to the Superintendent, who shall be authorized to investigate and approve transfers between schools.

A transfer shall be granted for one school year at a time; however, the student shall be allowed to submit a request each school year to remain at the receiving school.


A student shall be permitted to enroll at a school in a new attendance zone if the student's parent:

Is in the process of building a domicile within the attendance zone; the foundation has been laid at the time of enrollment; and the domicile is reasonably expected to be completed before the end of the semester in which they are enrolling; or

Shall move into a leased or rented domicile within the attendance zone within 30 calendar days following the student's enrollment.

A student who changes attendance zones after the first nine-week grading period may choose to remain at the first school until the end of the semester.

A child of a resident District employee shall be permitted to attend the campus at which the employee is assigned, if applicable. If the parent's campus or other work assignment location does not serve the appropriate grade level for the student, the parent may request an appropriate campus for the student.

Conditions of Transfer

The Superintendent or designee may cancel a transfer if:

The transferred student's class/grade level becomes overcrowded with new students who reside in the school's attendance zone.

The student fails to maintain a good attendance record and good conduct grades.


Except as provided by law, the District shall not provide transportation for an intradistrict transfer student.

Note: For the transfer of a student who is the victim of bullying or who engaged in bullying, see FDB(LEGAL). For the transfer of a student who attends a persistently dangerous school, becomes a victim of a violent criminal offense, or becomes a victim of sexual assault, see FDE.

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LDU 2017.02

DATE ISSUED: 3/31/2017