Verification of Age

District staff in charge of enrollment must verify the age of each student enrolling in the District for the first time. If a birth certificate is not available, the staff member may accept other documents as proof of a student's age. [See FD(EXHIBIT–A)] When the birth certificate is not available, the parent or guardian will complete an affidavit to provide the birth certificate within 30 days. [See FD (EXHIBIT–C)]

Proof of Residence

All students must present proof of residency within the District to enroll. At the time of registration, the parent, guardian, or other person having lawful control of the student under order of a court must present proof of residence in the District. [See FD(EXHIBIT–B) for acceptable documents.]

Verification of Residence Information

District staff in charge of enrollment procedures may require additional documentation when a student's residence status is in question. The Superintendent or designee may verify a student's residence information by:

  1. Investigating returned mail;
  2. Investigating verbal and written reports received;
  3. Searching address, tax, driver's license, vehicle registration, voter registration, and other records via Internet sources and web tools;
  4. Applying the criteria outlined in the UIL Constitution and Contest Rules; or
  5. Ordering a visual inspection of the residence by a police security services officer or contracted officer.

Upon completed investigation, students determined not residing within the District boundaries will be withdrawn and a tuition bill will be issued when appropriate.


Proof of a student's residency will be waived in either of the following circumstances:

Homeless Students

When the student is homeless, as defined by law.

Substantial Care

When the student is a nonresident for whom a resident grandparent provides a substantial amount of after-school care. As approved by the Board, a substantial amount of after-school care consists of at least three hours per school day for four days during the regular school week for all weeks during the school year.

The age of the student and any special needs or circumstances shall also be considered. The student may continue in enrollment as long as the grandparent provides this level of care. In these cases, the grandparent will be required to prove residency in the District and both the parent and grandparent must appear in the office of student services to complete a notarized application to enroll. The level of care and circumstances will be reviewed and the manager of student administrative services will determine if the student meets the criteria for enrollment.

Students Not Enrolled

Students enrolled in private school, including homeschools, will not be eligible for concurrent enrollment in District schools nor for participation in curricular or extracurricular activities, except as required by law, or in the following limited circumstances:

  1. Special education students participating in extracurricular activities.
  2. Special education students and students identified under Title I, Part A, NCLBA participating in academic programs.
  3. Extracurricular or other District-provided programs that have auditions, competitive tryouts, or other selection processes for the following school year occurring during the spring semester, and the participation for that program begins prior to the next school year. Involvement in any audition, competitive tryout, or other selection process is based upon a condition that the student must enroll in the District for the following school year, and the student remains enrolled in the District in order to continue his/her eligibility for extracurricular participation.

Admission Information

The District requires verification at enrollment that the person enrolling the student is the natural parent (via birth record or custody order) or a legal guardian (via order of the court). If the student is not living with a parent, legal guardian, or other person having lawful control of the student under order of the court, the manager of student administrative services will review and verify the student's reason for establishing a residence separate and apart from the student's parent, guardian, or other person having lawful control of the student under order of the court. Students 18 or more years of age, married students, or students emancipated by the court must complete an independent student form in the Office of Student Services. Independent students must present current photo identification that verifies birth and identity. Married students must present a copy of the marriage certificate and emancipated students must present a copy of the emancipation court order.

Designation of Person Standing in Parental Relation

Prior to enrollment, the District requires a Guardian Information Form for a minor living apart [as defined in FD(LOCAL)]. When possible, a power of attorney will be obtained from the parent. The guardian information form will be required prior to enrollment to ensure the safety of students, to adhere to FERPA restrictions concerning the release of confidential information, and to meet federal mandates concerning research into the missing children's network.

The guardian information form must be completed by the person standing in parental relation and the power of attorney may be completed by the parent. Both forms are immediately available in the Office of Student Services. Free notary services will be provided and the staff will work with parents who are not present to immediately fax or e-mail the power of attorney to obtain the necessary documents to enroll the student. The manager of student administrative services will determine whether a student's circumstances preclude compliance or require another timeline for completion of the documents. The guardian information form and power of attorney are revocable at any time. To revoke, the parent or guardian may contact the Office of Student Services for the proper form.

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LDU 2020.03

DATE ISSUED: 2/25/2020