The Board endorses the public's right to know about its public school system. To foster awareness of the objectives, policies, achievements, needs, and conditions of the District, and to enhance public involvement in the District, the District shall operate a communications program under the auspices of a communications department. The Superintendent or designee shall plan and direct a systematic communications program that encompasses:

News media relations

Dissemination of information/publications through appropriate avenues

Release of public information

Internal communications

Parental involvement

Business partnerships

Public use of facilities

Community partnerships

Television broadcasts

Community use of facilities

Assessment of Attitudes

By means of periodic formal assessments of attitudes, under the direction of the Superintendent or designee, or by less formal means, the District shall gauge community awareness of and support for the public schools and shall determine communication needs. The results of these assessments shall be reported to the Board along with the Superintendent or designee recommendations regarding such findings.

News Media Relations

The Board recognizes the responsibility of the news media to provide to the community accurate and timely information concerning the objectives, achievements, needs, and conditions of the District schools and their educational programs.

Board Meetings

District officials shall cooperate with news media to ensure complete and accurate coverage of all Board meetings.

News Releases

The communications department shall be the vehicle for the release of information about District programs, policies, and practices. Approval may be given by school principals for release of information regarding school activities, PTA/O, or booster club activities.

Interviews or news releases regarding emergency or crisis situations shall be coordinated by the communications department, with initial media requests made to the communications department.

Media activities shall not be allowed to disturb or disrupt the instructional programs of the schools.

Parental permission must be obtained for student photographs (video or still) and student verbal statements by media when obtained under the auspices of the school or the District.

Community Organizations

The Board recognizes the value of the civic organizations in the community and their contribution to the educational system. The District will cooperate with community organizations dedicated to the improvement of education or the community. The Superintendent or designee, by participation in community-based organizations, shall seek to involve and inform the organizations regarding the schools and to create advocacy for public education.

Advisory Groups

The Superintendent or designee shall be responsible for the design and implementation of advisory groups needed to ensure appropriate channels for community involvement in decisionmaking and shall keep the Board informed regarding the groups' findings and recommendations.


Under the supervision of the Superintendent or designee, the schools and District may enter into business or civic partnerships that enhance educational opportunities.

Coalitions and Task Forces

The Superintendent or designee(s) shall represent the District in the community or governmental coalitions and task forces for the mutual benefit of the community and the public schools.


The Board approves the establishment of an educational foundation designed to raise funds to support specific school or District recognition or motivational activities.

Plano ISD



DATE ISSUED: 11/3/1997