The Superintendent shall recommend a stipend pay schedule as part of the annual compensation plan of the District. [See DEA]

Supplemental Duties

The Superintendent or designee may assign noncontractual supplemental duties to personnel exempt under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), as needed. [See DK(LOCAL)] The employee shall be compensated for these assignments according to the compensation plan of the District.

Incentive and Innovation Programs

The Superintendent shall have authority to submit plans and grant applications for incentive and innovation programs to TEA or other granting organizations on behalf of the Board. Incentive plans shall address teacher eligibility, including any exclusions.

Locally developed incentive programs, in addition to the programs authorized in this policy, shall be addressed in the compensation plan of the District.

District Incentives

Annually, during the budget cycle, the Board shall determine whether to allocate funds for the following incentives:

Return-to-Work Incentive

A return-to-work incentive that shall be awarded to a District employee who reports for duty during the current school year.

Longevity Incentive

A longevity incentive that shall be awarded to an eligible District employee based on his or her years of service in the District.

Performance Incentive

A campus performance incentive that shall be awarded to a District employee based on the employee's attendance and the performance of District campuses under the Texas Academic Excellence Indicator System in the designated performance year.


The Superintendent shall implement the incentive programs in accordance with administrative regulations.

[See also DEA regarding stipends for noncontractual supplemental duties]

Blue Ridge ISD



DATE ISSUED: 4/23/2015