Local Achievement Testing

Benchmark Assessment Instruments

College Preparation Assessments

  1. To students in the spring of the eighth grade, for the purpose of diagnosing the academic strengths and deficiencies of students before entrance into high school; and
  2. To students in the tenth grade, for the purpose of measuring a student's progress toward readiness for college and the workplace.
  1. Select and approve vendors of the specific assessment instruments administered under this section; and
  2. Provide reimbursement to a district for all fees associated with the administration of the assessment instrument, from funds appropriated for that purpose.

Homeschooled Students



Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery Test

  1. During normal school hours; and
  2. To optimize student participation, at a time that limits conflicts with extracurricular activities.
  1. Assesses a student's aptitude for success in a career field other than a career field that requires postsecondary education;
  2. Is free to administer;
  3. Requires minimal training and support of district or school faculty and staff to administer the test; and
  4. Provides the student with a professional interpretation of the test results that allows the student to:
    1. Explore occupations that are consistent with the student's interests and skills; and
    2. Develop strategies to attain the student's career goals.

Weimar ISD



DATE ISSUED: 10/11/2017