Emergency Operations Plan

  1. District employee training in responding to an emergency;
  2. Mandatory school drills and exercises to prepare district students and employees for responding to an emergency;
  3. Measures to ensure coordination with the Texas Department of State Health Services (TDSHS) and local emergency management agencies, law enforcement, health departments, and fire departments in the event of an emergency; and
  4. The implementation of a required safety and security audit [see CK].

Train Derailment

Polling Place Security


  1. Verify that the district has established a plan and determine the agencies involved in the development of the plan and the agencies coordinating with the district to respond to an emergency, including TDSHS, local emergency services agencies, law enforcement agencies, health departments, and fire departments;
  2. Verify that the district's plan was reviewed within the last 12 months and determine the specific review dates;
  3. Verify that the plan addresses the four phases of emergency management listed at Emergency Operations Plan;
  4. Verify that district employees have been trained to respond to an emergency and determine the types of training, the number of employees trained, and the person conducting the training;
  5. Verify that each campus in the district has conducted mandatory emergency drills and exercises in accordance with the plan and determine the frequency of the drills;
  6. Verify that the district has established a plan for responding to a train derailment if required [see Train Derailment];
  7. Verify that the district has completed a safety and security audit and determine the date the audit was conducted, the person conducting the audit, and the date the district presented the results of the audit to the board [see CK];
  8. Verify that the district has addressed any recommendations by the board for improvement of the plan and determine the district's progress within the last 12 months; and
  9. Verify that the district has established a visitor policy and identify the provisions governing access to a district building or other district property.

Paint Rock ISD



DATE ISSUED: 10/9/2017