Safety Standards

Student Safety


  1. Standing in the bus; or
  2. Sitting:
    1. On the floor of the bus, or
    2. In any location on the bus that is not designed as a seat.

Seat Belts

Required on Buses

  1. A bus purchased by a school district that is a model year 2017 or earlier; or
  2. A bus purchased by a school district that is a model year 2018 or later if the board:
    1. Determines that the district's budget does not permit the district to purchase a bus that is equipped with the required seat belts; and
    2. Votes to approve that determination in a public meeting.

Student Requirement


School Bus Emergency Evacuation Training

Note: The Reporting of School Bus Evacuation Training form is available at the DPS website.

Wireless Communication Devices

General Rule

School Property

  1. The vehicle is stopped; or
  2. The wireless communication device is used with a hands-free device.


Disruption of Transportation

Exhibition of Firearm

  1. Exhibits or uses a firearm on a school bus being used to transport children to and from school-sponsored activities; or
  2. Threatens to exhibit or use a firearm on a bus as described above and was in possession of or had immediate access to the firearm.

Notice to DPS

Accident Reports

  1. The name and address of the owner of the school bus;
  2. The name and driver's license number of the school bus operator;
  3. The date of the accident;
  4. The city or county where the accident occurred; and
  5. The investigating police agency.

Notice to TEA

  1. The total number of bus accidents;
  2. The date each accident occurred;
  3. The type of bus, as specified in 19 Administrative Code 61.1028(a), involved in each accident;
  4. Whether the bus involved in each accident was equipped with seat belts and, if so, the type of seat belts;
  5. The number of students and adults involved in each accident;
  6. The number and types of injuries that were sustained by the bus passengers in each accident; and
  7. Whether the injured passengers in each accident were wearing seat belts at the time of the accident and, if so, the type of seat belts.
  1. The bus is owned, leased, contracted, or chartered by a school district and was transporting school district personnel, students, or a combination of personnel and students; or
  2. The bus was driven by a school district employee or by an employee of the school district's bus contractor with no passengers on board and the accident involved a collision with a pedestrian.


  1. The bus was driven by a school district employee or by an employee of the school district's bus contractor, the accident occurred when no passenger other than the school district's driver or bus contractor's driver was on board the bus, and the accident did not involve a collision with a pedestrian; or
  2. The accident involved a bus chartered by a school district for a school activity trip and no school district personnel or students were on board the bus at the time of the accident.

Paint Rock ISD



DATE ISSUED: 10/9/2017