Resignation without Consent (Unilateral Resignation)

Resignation with Consent

Sanctions for Abandonment of Contract

  1. Resigns;
  2. Fails without good cause to comply with the resignation deadline or the provision regarding resignation by consent; and
  3. Fails without good cause to perform the contract.
  1. Submits a written complaint within 30 calendar days after the effective date of the educator's separation from employment from the district. Unless the district and the educator have a written agreement to the contrary, the effective date of separation from employment is the first day that, without district permission, the educator fails to appear for work under the contract.
  2. Renders a finding that good cause did not exist under Education Code 21.105(c)(2) (probationary contract), 21.160(c)(2) (continuing contract), or 21.210(c)(2) (term contract). This finding constitutes prima facie evidence of the educator's lack of good cause but is not a conclusive determination.
  3. Submits the following required attachments to the written complaint:
    1. The educator's resignation letter, if any;
    2. The agreement with the educator regarding the effective date of separation from employment, if any;
    3. The educator's contract; and
    4. Board meeting minutes indicating a finding of "no good cause." If the board does not meet within 30 calendar days of the educator's separation from employment, the minutes may be submitted within 10 calendar days after the next board meeting.

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DATE ISSUED: 10/9/2017