Mission Statement and Purpose

The College District is dedicated to student success through institutional excellence.

The College District fulfills its mission by offering programs leading to associate degrees and certificates and by providing:

Vision Statement

The College District will strive to lead the way for improved student engagement and achievement, instructional excellence, and institutional policy redesign across the campus district and the local community.


The College District's values include:

  1. Quality education: The College District is passionate about providing access to higher education. Its highly qualified faculty and staff and student-centered programs and services reflect the College District's commitment to excellence.
  2. Diversity: The College District is committed to build capacity where students, faculty, and staff can be authentic, learn and grow in an environment that ensures equity, and embrace diversity and inclusion in all aspects of College District life.
  3. Innovation: The College District continues to embrace creative ideas, technology, and challenging initiatives.
  4. Caring: The College District is committed to helping our students through a culture of caring and data support to address and eliminate barriers to student success.
  5. Excellence: The College District strives in all that we do to do it with integrity and institutional excellence.

North Central Texas College


LDU 2020.04

DATE ISSUED: 10/31/2020