1. That is conducted by the governmental body or for which the governmental body is responsible;
  2. At which a quorum of members of the governmental body is present;
  3. That has been called by the governmental body; and
  4. At which the members receive information from, give information to, ask questions of, or receive questions from any third person, including an employee of the governmental body, about the public business or public policy over which the governmental body has supervision or control.




"Videoconference Call"

"Meeting" Exceptions

Social Function or Convention

Legislative Committee or Agency Meeting

Online Message Board

Open to Public

Exclusion of a Witness

Recording by Attendees


Notice Required

Continued Meeting

Inquiry During Meeting

Time of Notice and Accessibility

Internet Posting


Large College Districts

Specificity of Agenda / Notice

Emergency Meeting or Emergency Addition to Agenda


  1. Fire, flood, earthquake, hurricane, tornado, or wind, rain, or snow storm;
  2. Power failure, transportation failure, or interruption of communication facilities;
  3. Epidemic; or
  4. Riot, civil disturbance, enemy attack, or other actual or threatened act of lawlessness or violence.

Special Notice to News Media

A school district shall provide special notice of each meeting to any news media that has requested special notice and agreed to reimburse the district for the cost of providing the special notice. The notice shall be by telephone, facsimile transmission, or electronic mail. Gov't Code 551.052; Att'y Gen. Op. JM-340 (1985) (a college district board of trustees is considered a school district board of trustees for the purposes of the OMA)

Emergency Meeting or Emergency Item


  1. The entity's jurisdiction is wholly or partly located in the area of a disaster declared by the president of the United States or the governor; and
  2. A majority of the members of the governing body are unable to be present at a meeting of the governing body as a result of the disaster.

Secret Ballot

Meeting by Telephone Conference Call

Special Meeting

Public Access

  1. Audible to the public at the location specified in the notice of the meeting as the location of the meeting; and
  2. Broadcast over the internet in the manner prescribed by Government Code 551.128, below.



Quorum at One Location

Public Access




Meeting by Videoconference Call





Public Access

Quality of Audio and Video Signals


Public Testimony by Videoconference Call

Internet Broadcast

Large College Districts

  1. Broadcast the meeting, other than any portions of the meeting closed to the public as authorized by law, over the internet in the manner prescribed by Government Code 551.128; and
  2. Record the broadcast and make that recording publicly available in an online archive located on the district's internet website.

Meeting Recording Required

  1. Make a video and audio recording of reasonable quality of each regularly scheduled open meeting that is not a work session or a special called meeting; and
  2. Make available an archived copy of the video and audio recording of each meeting described by item 1 on the internet.

Attorney Consultation

Passing Resolutions or Orders

Hearing-Impaired Persons

North Central Texas College



DATE ISSUED: 11/21/2018