Teacher Retirement System


  1. Is eligible and elects to participate in the optional retirement program under Government Code Chapter 830, below; or
  2. Has retired under the retirement system and has not been reinstated to membership pursuant to Government Code 824.005 or 824.307.

Optional Retirement Program

  1. A member of the faculty whose duties include teaching or research.
  2. An administrator responsible for teaching and research faculty.
  3. An athletic coach, associate athletic coach, or assistant athletic coach whose primary activity is coaching.
  4. A professional librarian, a president, a chancellor, a vice president, a vice chancellor, or other professional staff person whose national mobility requirements are similar to those of faculty members and who fills a position that is subject to nationwide searches in the academic community.

Failure to Notify

Governmental Excess Benefit Arrangement

North Central Texas College



DATE ISSUED: 12/5/2017