An employee may be terminated mid-contract for good cause as determined by the Board following a hearing held for that purpose in accordance with law.

Suspension with Pay

A term contract employee may be suspended with pay and placed on administrative leave by the Chancellor during an investigation of alleged misconduct by the employee or at any time the Chancellor determines that the College District's best interest will be served by the suspension.

Grievance Filed Under Education Code 51.960

The Board designates the human resources representative as the person to whom a faculty member may present a grievance under Education Code 51.960 on an issue related to his or her dismissal. It is recommended that the faculty member file a request to present the grievance within ten business days after final action on the dismissal proceeding.

Once a request to present a grievance has been filed, the conference shall be scheduled within seven business days.

The faculty member may appeal the decision of the human resources representative under DGBA beginning at the appropriate level.

North Central Texas College


LDU 2017.04

DATE ISSUED: 9/21/2017