Note: The Board has adopted an innovation plan that affects application of provisions in this legally referenced policy.


Education Code 11.251(b), .253(b)

Professional Staff

Education Code 11.251(e)


A person who stands in parental relation to a student is considered a parent.

A parent who is an employee of a district is not considered a parent representative on the committee.

A parent is not considered a representative of community members on the committee.

Education Code 11.251(c), (e)

Business Representatives and Community Members

Education Code 11.251(b), (c), (e)


Public Meeting




Campus Improvement Plan

Staff Development

Dropout Prevention Review

The results of the audit of dropout records;

Campus information related to graduation rates, dropout rates, high school equivalency certificate rates, and the percentage of students who remain in high school more than four years after entering grade 9;

The number of students who enter a high school equivalency certificate program and:

Do not complete the program;

Complete the program but do not take the high school equivalency examination; or

Complete the program and take the high school equivalency examination but do not obtain a high school equivalency certificate;

For students enrolled in grades 9 and 10, information related to academic credit hours earned, retention rates, and placements in disciplinary alternative education programs and expulsions under Chapter 37; and

The results of an evaluation of each school-based dropout prevention program in the district.

Education Code 11.255

Principal Performance Incentives

Note: See BF for information on the committee's role in requesting waivers.

Valley View ISD-Cooke County


LDU 2018.02

DATE ISSUED: 7/10/2018