Education Code 61.084(a)–(b), (h); 19 TAC 1.9(a), (g)

Training Content

  1. Auditing procedures and recent audits of institutions of higher education;
  2. The enabling legislation that creates institutions of higher education;
  3. The role of the governing board at institutions of higher education and the relationship between the governing board and the institution's administration, faculty and staff, and students, including limitations on the authority of the governing board;
  4. The mission statements of institutions of higher education;
  5. Disciplinary and investigative authority of the governing board;
  6. The requirements of the open meetings law, Government Code Chapter 551, and the open records law, Government Code Chapter 552;
  7. The requirements of conflict of interest laws and other laws relating to public officials;
  8. Any applicable ethics policies adopted by institutions of higher education or the Texas Ethics Commission;
  9. The requirements of laws relating to the protection of student information under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (20 U.S.C. 1232g) or any other federal or state law relating to the privacy of student information; and
  10. Any other topic relating to higher education the board considers important.

Education Code 61.084(d)

Training Alternatives

Electronic Option

Hardship Exception



Open Meetings Act Training

Gov't Code 551.005(a)–(c), (f)

Public Information Act Training

Gov't Code 552.012(a)–(e)

Cybersecurity Training

Note: For more information on cybersecurity training, including a list of certified cybersecurity training programs and compliance reporting requirements, see DIR's website at Certified Cybersecurity Training Programs.

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DATE ISSUED: 5/25/2021