The College District is a system of seven comprehensive, separately accredited, community colleges that comprise one legal entity. The colleges, including five community campuses, are served by the R. Jan LeCroy Center for Educational Telecommunications and other College District offices whose role it is to coordinate, facilitate, and otherwise support the work of the colleges.

The highest ranking administrative officer of the College District is the Chancellor, who is responsible to the Board for administering the programs of the colleges in accordance with the policies of the Board and applicable local, state, and national laws.

The Board directs that the College District shall be organized to ensure that:

The Chancellor represents the Board and is responsible for the overall management of the College District.

The programs, procedures, and practices of the colleges advance the College District's purpose and goals.

The College District's offices, including the LeCroy Center, are organized to support college operations.

The Board Policies and Administrative Procedures Manual shall define the relationship between the College District and college operations and shall delegate responsibilities for the development of detailed administrative procedures at the colleges.

Dallas College


LDU 2012.01

DATE ISSUED: 2/7/2012