The following group benefits and programs are provided for all full-time employees of the College District. Eligibility for all benefits and programs is based upon written information provided by an employee. Verbal information provided by an employee shall have no force and effect in eligibility determinations.

Wellness program. The College District provides the opportunity for employees to participate in a program during the work week to enhance physical well-being. The College District will allow an employee a maximum of one and one-half hours during the work week to participate in the program under procedures established by the Chancellor if the employee contributes an equal amount of personal time to the program. Participation in the program is optional.

Employee/Dependent Assistance Program. The College District provides a counseling program for employees and their dependents. The College District may charge an administrative fee for this program.


The descriptions of benefits and programs contained in this manual or other information provided by the College District, are intended as summaries to identify various options available to employees. For specific details of coverage and benefits, employees should consult the booklet-certificates which are available from the carriers. The benefits described are subject to the provisions, definitions, exceptions, and limitations which are contained in the master policies or agreements and/or various laws and regulations. If there are differences between the benefit descriptions herein or any representations by the College District or its employees and such master policies or other laws or regulations, the language of the master policies and/or laws and/or regulations shall prevail.

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DATE ISSUED: 5/26/1997