Note: The following is an index of website posting requirements that are addressed in the legal reference material of the policy manual. The list is not all-inclusive. The list does not address postings that are required in response to a specific incident, postings required under special circumstances, or postings required under administrative procedures of an agency.

Required Internet Postings

  1. The college district's Compact With Texans, under Government Code 2114.006. [See AFA]
  2. On the first frame of the homepage and in a font that is larger than the font of the majority of the text on the home page, an accessible link to the college district's online resumes maintained on the Coordinating Board's internet website, under Education Code 51A.003. [See AFA]
  3. The cost of attendance for a first-time entering full-time student in accordance with the uniform standards prescribed by the commissioner, under Education Code 61.0777 and 19 Administrative Code 21.2222. [See AFA]
  4. In a prominent location that is not more than three hyperlinks from the website's home page, a link to the postsecondary and career information posted on the Texas Education Agency's internet website, under Education Code 7.040. [See AFA]
  5. Each elected officer, under Government Code 2051.152. [See BB]
  6. The date and location of the next board member election, under Government Code 2051.152. [See BBB]
  7. An election notice, under Election Code 85.007. [See BBB]
  8. For at least one year before the election day, the requirements and deadline for filing for candidacy, under Government Code 2051.152. [See BBB]
  9. Conflicts disclosure statements and questionnaires, under Local Government Code 176.009. [See BBFA, CFE]
  10. Notice of a board meeting and, if the college district contains all or part of the area within the corporate boundaries of a municipality with a population of 48,000 or more, the agenda for a board meeting, under Government Code 551.056. [See BD]
  11. Any written agenda and related supplemental written materials for a board meeting, as well as a broadcast of the board meeting followed by an archived version of that broadcast, if the junior college district has a total student enrollment of more than 20,000 in any semester of the preceding academic year, under Government Code 551.1282. [See BD]
  12. During the 21 days before the election, prominently and together with the notice of the election, the contents of the proposition, and any sample ballot prepared for the election, a debt obligation election order, under Election Code 4.003. [See CAD]
  13. In a political subdivision with at least 250 registered voters, a voter information document, under Government Code 1251.052. [See CAD]
  14. Prominently on the home page in the form prescribed by the comptroller, tax rate, estimated interest and fund balance, and debt obligation information, under Tax Code 26.04. [See CAI]
  15. On the home page the prescribed statement if the college district proposes to increase the amount of taxes to fund maintenance and operation expenditures, under Tax Code 26.05. [See CAI]
  16. Notice of a required public hearing on a tax rate increase, under Tax Code 26.06 and 26.065. [See CAI]
  17. Information about the college district, including the board, the budget, and the tax rate, in a format prescribed by the comptroller, under Tax Code 26.18. [See CAI, BB, CC, CDC, and GC]
  18. The current version of the guidelines and criteria governing tax abatement agreements, under Tax Code 312.002. [See CAIB]
  19. If the website is generally accessible, a link to the state expenditure database, under Government Code 2054.126. [See CDA]
  20. A copy of the college district's financial transactions, under Education Code 51.9741. [See CDA]
  21. An annual debt obligation report or link to where the information is located and the contact information for the college district's main office, under Local Government Code 140.008. [See CDA]
  22. The internal audit plan and annual report, under Government Code 2102.009. [See CDC]
  23. If adopted, the college district's policy regarding the maintenance, storage, administration, and disposal of epinephrine auto-injectors on the institution's campus, under Education Code 51.882. [See CGE]
  24. A college district shall report its energy usage information on a publicly accessible internet website with an interface designed for ease of navigation, if available, under Government Code 2265.001. [See CH]
  25. In a prominent location, the code of conduct for the college district's officers, employees, and agents, under 20 U.S.C. 1094. [See DBD]
  26. Information regarding college district employees and employee compensation, under Government Code 659.026. [See DEA]
  27. Information regarding a gift, grant, donation, or other consideration from a person that the person designated to be used as a salary supplement, and related conflict of interest provisions, under Government Code 659.0201. [See DEA]
  28. The campus expression policies, under Education Code 51.9315. [See DGC, FLA, and GD]
  29. Prominently displayed, the contact information required to be listed for the Title IX coordinator and the notice of nondiscrimination, under 34 C.F.R. 106.8(b)(2). [See DIAA and FFDA]
  30. All materials used to train Title IX coordinators, investigators, decision-makers, and any person who facilitates an informal resolution process, under 34 C.F.R. 106.45(b)(10). [See DIAA and FFDA]
  31. On a web page dedicated solely to the policy that is easily accessible through a clearly identifiable link on the homepage, the policy on sexual harassment, sexual assault, dating violence, and stalking, under Education Code 51.282(b) and 19 Administrative Code 3.4(b). [See DIAA and FFDA]
  32. A report concerning the reports of sexual harassment, sexual assault, dating violence, or stalking received by the college district, under Education Code 51.253(c)–(d) and 19 Administrative Code 3.6(c)–(d). [See DIAA and FFDA]
  33. The end-of-course student evaluations of faculty according to a plan developed under Education Code 51.974(h) and 19 Administrative Code 4.227(10) and 4.228(e). [See DLA]
  34. The International Standard Book Number (ISBN) and retail price information of required and recommended college textbooks and supplemental materials for each course listed in the institution's course schedule used for preregistration and registration purposes, under 20 U.S.C. 1015b. [See EDA]
  35. Information about each undergraduate classroom course offered for credit not later than the seventh day after the first day of classes for the semester or other academic term during which the course is offered, under Education Code 51.974 and 19 Administrative Code 4.227 to 4.228. [See EFA]
  36. The recommended course sequences for each undergraduate certificate or degree program, under Education Code 51.96852. [See EFB]
  37. The college district's policy to grant undergraduate course credit to entering freshmen students who have successfully completed the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program, who have achieved required scores on one or more examinations in the Advanced Placement Program or the College-Level Examination Program, or who have successfully completed one or more courses offered through concurrent enrollment in high school and at an institution of higher education with the application materials, under Education Code 51.968. [See EGA]
  38. Guidelines addressing the practices of the college district regarding the transfer of course credit, under Education Code 61.830. [See EGA]
  39. A list of work-study employment opportunities accessible through a clearly identifiable link that appears in a prominent place on the financial aid page, under Education Code 56.080 and 19 Administrative Code 22.129(f). [See FEB]
  40. The name of and contact information for the college district's liaison officer for students who are or were in foster care and information regarding support services and other resources available to the students, under Education Code 51.9356. [See FF]
  41. The mental health resources available to students at the college district on a dedicated website, under Education Code 51.9193. [See FFCA]
  42. In a prominent location, a report on hazing committed on or off campus by an organization registered with or recognized by the college district, under Education Code 51.936. [See FLBC]
  43. The college district's contact information, under Government Code 2051.151 and 2051.152(a) and Tax Code 26.18. [See GC]

Optional Internet Postings

Geospatial Data Products


  1. Is created or hosted by the governmental entity;
  2. Appears to represent property boundaries; and
  3. Was not produced using information from an on-the-ground survey conducted by or under the supervision of a registered professional land surveyor or land surveyor authorized to perform surveys under laws in effect when the survey was conducted.


  1. Does not contain a legal description, a property boundary monument, or the distance and direction of a property line;
  2. Is prepared only for use as evidence in a legal proceeding;
  3. Is filed with the clerk of any court; or
  4. Is filed with the county clerk.

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DATE ISSUED: 5/25/2021