Full-time College District personnel shall have paid holidays approved by the Board as may occur during their term of employment.

Except as may be otherwise approved by the Board, the following shall be the College District holiday schedule:

Staffing During Holidays

In order to provide for essential College District operations during a College District holiday, some members of the professional support staff may be required to work during the holiday(s). All professional support staff, including staff who are not eligible for overtime compensation under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), as amended, shall receive compensation for hours worked during the holiday. Compensation shall be based upon a staff member's regular hourly pay rate for hours worked unless the hours worked during the workweek (including holiday hours) exceed the member's normal workweek, in which case, compensation will be based upon the overtime rate for the excess hours. No compensatory time shall be given. This provision does not apply to security personnel.

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DATE ISSUED: 4/26/2017